Apply for a Small Grant

One of the key aims of The James Greenop Foundation is to help children and young adults to fulfil their potential. However many are disadvantaged through illness, disability or circumstances and are never given the chance. The purpose of our small grants scheme is to fund activities that promote inclusion, enhance wellbeing, improve prospects and raise aspirations.  This may be through purchasing assistive technology and adaptations, equipment, training, educational resources, and activities that encourage personal and social development.

Individual Small Grants

Up to £500 can be awarded to individuals, their families or carers.  Individual small grants may cover all or part of a purchase but must NOT be less than half the total cost. This therefore disqualifies applications for assistance purchasing any activities, services or products exceeding £1000.

Grants for Small Projects

We are also keen to support local communities by match funding small projects that address the personal and social development of disadvantaged groups.  These must be for discrete purchases (i.e. distinct activities, services or products) within small not-for-profit enterprises and cannot cover ongoing or core costs. Grants can be awarded for up to £1000 and we will only consider match funding for small projects.

Additional Guidance

Please pay particular attention to our Mission Statement when applying and note that we do not consider applications for medical interventions, psychological therapies or travel abroad. Limited funding is available so applicants are encouraged to clearly state the need for the grant and the anticipated benefits.

We will consider funding:

We will NOT consider funding

Please note that we reserve the right to request more information in support of your application and to discuss your application with beneficiaries before making a decision. All grants are awarded at the discretion of trustees and this decision is final.

Application for an individual grant

Application for an project grant