TJGF and STARS Liverpool join forces to offer more help and support to our family’s and community

As you know Little Stars have been running for many years and helps support families that have children with additional needs in Knowsley who are aged between five to fifteen years of age. Often they are the first point of contact after a child’s diagnosis and parents are now being referred by professionals to seek our support during what can be a very stressful time.

Our Fortnightly coffee mornings offer a relaxed and safe atmosphere for parents to meet, talk, share experiences, Gain information, laugh, cry and most importantly make new friends. We have professionals dropping into sessions to offer our families information and guidance on things such as diet, sleep (or lack of it), benefits, speech and language support and of course the diagnosis, statement and EHCP processes.

By joining forces we can now offer even more support, even more resources but most importantly we can offer even more family and enrichment opportunities.

We can now offer support in many forms:

  • fortnightly coffee mornings
  • monthly stay and play sessions
  • School holiday provision
  • Sibling awards
  • Seasonal celebrations
  • Mums spa days
  • Dads curry nights
  • Private hire sessions @ JELLYBEANS in Widnes
  • Annual fundraisers/Sponsored activities
  • Gulliver’s world days out for the entire group
  • Professional support when needed
  • Resident Aromatherapist to work with parents and children during our sessions
  • A SEN library offering parents and carers to access useful information, without financial outlay
  • Horse riding fun days in the summer
  • The ability to signpost parents to other support available in the borough.

We believe that everyone has the potential to achieve their dreams, but some are disadvantaged through illness, disability or circumstances and are never given the chance. Our primary mission is therefore to support and empower local children, young adults and families who are experiencing difficulties and disadvantages that prevent them from achieving their full potential as active citizens and valued members of society.