Voglio continues It’s Amazing Support For The James Greenop Foundation

Let me tell you the story of how we came to acquire this masterpiece 🤣. Sammy Lee whilst working at Everton popped into a lovely shop on Allerton Road called Voglio. The lady who owns the shop Julie Duff couldn’t contain herself. Oh Sammy she said your boss Sam Allerdyce just attended one of the Friday night football projects of a charity very close to my heart. Sammy was very interested in the charity and wondered what he could do to help. Off he went from the shop and come back with Wayne Rooney’s signed shirt and hoped we could raise some money by auctioning/spot the ball. The lovely Julie and Mike Duff then went off and got it framed. It’s a one off from his return to Everton for the last season of his career in the uk. 

Thanks to this donation we raised £200 but more important James has  reached out to even more people even if they are from the darkside (only kidding). Not.