Another amazing night celebrating everything that is amazing about TJGF. Sharing the love with just some of the people who have helped us on our journey and remembering those who have given up their time to help raise the money and build our Boys LEGACY, so we can carry on doing what we do best. The night raised an unbelievable £4k to which we are so so grateful. For every donation made, raffle ticket bought, spot the ball etc, etc you have, will and will continue to make a difference to the people and families in our and other communities who need it most.

It was and always is overwhelming and there are far to many people to thank,  but I would just like to thank all our helpers on the night, DJ Steve Gillespie, Joe and Liam and The Village Hotel. But a special thank you to my wing man (well woman) and TJGF legend Julie Cullen who without her non of this would have been possible.

Thanks again and here are a few photo’s from the night. If you want to see all the photo’s and all the other amazing stuff we do then please visit our FACEBOOK page The James Greenop Foundation.

Enjoy. Xxxx